Creating a New WebForm Instance in PICSWeb

This page explains how to create a new instance of an existing WebForm, rather than creating a completely New WebForm. As you will not be able to edit the WebForm once you create an instance, make sure that everything is correct in the Form Builder before following these instructions.

Once you have built a form in WebForm Configuration, you can begin creating individual instances of the form to be filled and processed in the Form Capture section of PICSWeb. Be aware that you will need to have added at least one Signature field in the Form Builder before an instance can be created.

WebForm instances can be created in the following locations:

Either option will open a window where you can enter the following details for the new instance:

  • Form – If you have created the instance from the list in WebForms Configuration, this will be populated with the chosen WebForm, though you can change this if necessary.

  • Owner – This is the Officer responsible for the form. They will be able to process the form through the WebForm Workflow.


After saving, if your officer record is linked as the Owner, you will be taken to the Form Summary for the new instance. Here you can view instance details and select Fill and Sign to complete the form or send it out for remote fill and sign.

If another officer is the Owner, you will be taken to the Form List, where the new instance will be visible.