Processing Learner Payments in PICSWeb

As well as Editing Payments to amend certain details, a separate function to process payments through the necessary statuses is available from the following locations in PICSWeb:

Payments can be processed either individually or in bulk. 

Processing Individual Payments

To process a payment record individually, locate the relevant payment in one of the lists identified above and select ... > Change Status. This will open a window where you can view the relevant learner, employer and payment details. You can enter the following values in this window:

  • New Status

  • Supporting Document – You can attach a supporting document either by dragging and dropping it into the field or selecting the field to browse for the file.

  • Reference

  • Purchase Order (PO) Number

  • Invoice Number

Once you have entered the necessary details, select Change Status to update the payment.

Bulk Updating Payments

Payments can also be updated in bulk from any of the locations identified above. You will only be able to update the Status of multiple payments if the selected records have the same Payment Type and Status. The status changes available for any payment will depend on the Payment Type as well as whether the payment is a Credit or Debit.

To transition payments, first use the tickboxes in the list to select which payments you want to process. The tickbox in the header row can be used to select or deselect all payments currently displayed in the list, as per any filters you have applied.

A button will then appear to Update All. Select this to open the Bulk Update window.

The following fields can be updated in this window. Use the tickboxes to choose which fields you want to edit for all records, then enter the new value in the ticked fields.

  • Status – If this field is ticked, a new field will appear where you can upload a supporting document, either by dragging and dropping it into the field or selecting the field to browse for the file. You will only be able to update the status if all selected payments had the same initial status.

  • Paid Date – Selecting this field will open a calendar date selector.

  • Reference code

  • PO Number

  • Invoice Number

  • Add Note

Once you have made your changes, select Save to apply them or Cancel to discard them. After saving, you will be prompted to refresh the list to reflect the new values. Select Yes to refresh.