Change Request WebForms in PICSWeb

The Change Request WebForm type is used to create a Learner Change Request record in PICSWeb. This will allow you to propose a change of details in a learner record for an authorised user to approve and action as necessary.

Change Request forms are generated from the Change Requests tab in the Learner Summary. Once the request has been generated, the signed webform will be attached and available to download.

Creating a Change Request WebForm

Creating a change request webform works the same way as outlined in Creating a New WebForm, except the Type field must be set to WebForm Change Request.

A field for Change Request Type is available in the form builder. This type will be applied to the Change Request when it is created. Change Request Types can be maintained in Lists and Types Configuration.


As with any other webform, you will need to add at least one Signature field to the form in the WebForm Builder before any instances can be created.

Import Fields

As every change request webform instance is created from an existing Learner Summary, any import fields attached to the form will instead display the corresponding data from the learner record. Therefore, the import field list only shows fields relating to learner details.

The only exception is the Description field, which will be used to populate the description in the change request created. This field should be used to explain what change you would like the authorising user to make.

Using Change Request WebForms

To create a WebForm Instance of your change request webform, go to a Learner Summary and open the Change Requests tab.

Using the grey Actions button above the request list, select Actions > Create Change Request WebForm. This will open a window where you can specify the following details for the new webform instance:

  • Form – Here you can choose which live change request webform you want to use.

  • Form Owner – Here you can assign responsibility for the form to a specific PICSWeb User. If you set this to your own user account, you will be immediately taken to the Fill and Sign page for the form after saving the new instance.

  • Message to Owner

Once you have entered the necessary details, select Save to generate the form.

Processing Change Request Forms

Once the form has been Filled and Signed and submitted, you will need to Approve the form in the WebForm Summary for the change request to be created.

The change request will then be displayed in the Change Requests tab in the Learner Summary, as well as the full Learner Change Request List. In the Details window, the Attachment field will show a copy of the signed webform for you to Download or Delete as necessary.