Funding Organisation List in PICSWeb Configuration

Selecting Delivery > Funding Organisations from the Configuration section of the side menu will open the Funding Organisation List page. This page lists all the funding organisations that cover your available programmes.

For each funding organisation, the following details are shown:

  • ID Code

  • Name

  • UKPRN – If you are involved in a subcontracting arrangement, this will show which provider uses the funding organisation.

  • Status – This indicates whether the funding organisation is Live or Dormant.

Filtering the List

The following searching and filtering options are available by default above the list. Once you have entered the necessary details, press Enter or select the Search icon to run the search and apply your filters.

  • Search – Here you can search by organisation Code and Name.

  • Status

  • Number of records – Here you can use the drop-down menu to choose how many results are displayed per page.

Along with these, additional fields can be added by selecting More. Choosing a field will add it to the top bar, where it works like the filters explained above. The following fields are available:


Exporting the List

Selecting More also shows an option to Export to Excel. Selecting this will generate an Excel Spreadsheet containing the details currently displayed in the list.

Funding Organisation Actions

Funding Organisation data should only be changed on advice from Pellcomp Support.

Selecting Create from the top-right corner of the page will open a window where you can Add a New Funding Organisation.

The following options are available by selecting the ... icon by a funding organisation in the list:

It is not possible to delete funding organisations. You will instead need to Edit them and set the Status to Dormant.