PICSWeb Learner Portfolio

This section is only available if you have the eAssessor licence for PICSWeb Portfolio.

The Portfolio section of the PICSWeb learner record is a customisable set of pages used as the ePortfolio for the learner.

This section can be accessed by non-SaaS portfolio users. Setting these up is explained in User Licensing for PICSWeb Portfolio.

Learner Details

The following details for the learner are shown at the left-hand side of the page:

  • Display Picture – Selecting this will open your file browser, where you can search for a new picture if necessary.

  • Full Name

  • Email Address – Selecting this will open a new email to the learner in your web email server.

  • Risk Band – This indicates the level of risk associated with the learner, ranging from green (low-risk) to yellow (medium-risk) and red (high-risk). A grey dot means that no risk level has been set.

  • Workflow – If the learner has been attached to a Workflow, the current status will be shown here. You can select this to change the status. If no workflow has been added, a button to Select Workflow will be shown.

  • Tags – Any Tags that have been added to the learner will be shown here. You can select the X within a tag to remove it, or select the + icon to add new tags.

  • Overall Qualification Progress – This bar shows the overall progress through the learner’s Qualifications.

  • Target/Skill Scan Competency – This bar shows the overall competency in the learner’s Target Scope recorded at the most recent Target Scan.

Portfolio Details

The following delivery details are available below the learner details:

  • eAssessor Type – This indicates whether the learner has Full Portfolio functionality, is Tracker Only or Do Not Show. This type is used to calculate whether the learner is included in your count of licensed portfolio learners. Selecting the pencil icon will open a window where you can edit the eAssessor type.

  • Username – If you have Created a Learner Login for the learner, their username will be shown here.

  • Last Login date and time

  • Programme Type

  • Programme Status

  • Programme Dates

  • Targeting – This shows the Target linked to the learner.

  • Delivery Model – This shows the Delivery Model linked to the learner.

  • Qualification Plan – This shows the Qualification Plan linked to the learner.

  • Main Qualification Aim – Selecting this will take you to the Learner Qualification Summary for the learner’s main aim.

Tabs in the PICSWeb Portfolio

The following tabs are available by default in the portfolio. Most of these tabs can also be accessed from the Delivery Plan, although some are dedicated portfolio tabs.

These delivery plan tabs are explained in full in the linked pages:

These portfolio tabs are explained in full in the linked pages:

Configuring the PICSWeb Portfolio

As well as the tabs explained above, you can choose from a set of additional data tabs from the Learner Summary and Delivery Plan, as well as dedicated portfolio tabs, to display in the portfolio section. Any additional tabs you choose will be available for all PICSWeb users with learner portfolio permissions.

For each area, you can choose whether to make it visible for Users, with options for Learner Users and Contact Users available for certain areas,

Once you have made your choices, select Save to add all ticked tabs and remove all unticked ones from the learner portfolio.