Generating Single Documents from a Record Summary in PICS

Once you have Created your Document Templates, you can generate documents based on these templates for your data records. This can either be done for individual records in their record summary, or for Multiple Records from a Record List.

Documents can be generated from the following locations:

In any of these pages, selecting Actions > Generate Document from the top-right corner of the page will open the Generate Document window.

In this window, you can enter the Name for the new document and choose which Template you want to use. Only templates set up for the current record type will be available.

Once you have made your choice, select Run. The document will then be produced in the background while you are free to continue using PICS. Once the document has been generated, it will be available in the Files tab in the record summary. You will also receive an email informing you when the document is ready, with a link to the files tab.