PICS for the 2023/24 ILR Year

This page outlines the key changes in the new version of PICSWeb for the 2023/24 ILR year, in keeping with the changes to the ILR Specification.

A full PDF guide to the main changes in PICS is available to download below:

ILR Changes

This is a year of little change to the ILR, though some updates have been required in PICS to handle some new fields and specifications. The following updates have been made to ILR data capture:

  • The Household Situation (HHS) Funding and Monitoring field has been withdrawn. Any data previously captured for HHS will still be available in the background for ILR reporting.

  • Withdrawal Reason 28 (OLASS learner withdrawn due to circumstances outside the providers' control) will no longer be available for learners starting after 01/08/2023.

  • Aim HE Qualification on Entry code C44 can not be used on aims starting on or after 01/08/2023.

FM10 Data Capture Changes

We have made some changes in PICS data capture to support the new data collection requirements for Funding Model 10 (Community Learning).

  • Employment Status and Monitoring has been added to FM10 learner records.

  • The FFI monitoring code is now available for FM10 learner records.

  • Destination and Progression has been added to FM10 learner records.

  • The ASL Funding and Monitoring field for FM10 delivery is being withdrawn from the 1st August. In its place, either ACL or AFL fields have been added. ASL is required for starters up to the end of August, and an ACL is required for starters after the beginning of August. ASL will therefore only be shown when creating FM10 learners starting before 01/08/2023. After this date, the ACL and AFL fields will be shown instead. These fields are not currently required but this may change once the validation rules are made available.

Cross-Year Working

The guidance below offers some general guidance on working across contract years in PICS. If you need help with any of this guidance, please Contact our Support Team.

ILR Imports

In the new year version of PICS, PICS Imports will populate the new year data values but not any equivalent fields in the old year for starts prior to 1st August. The old year values must be entered manually into the new record. If possible we recommend that you import all learner data for the old year before the upgrade takes place.

ILR Submissions

You will be able to make ILR submissions for the previous ILR year up until 6.00pm on the 19th October 2023.

After the new year begins, the ILR Exporter will allow you to create ILR files for the previous Contract Year, which you can submit as required. We recommend that you submit a final ILR file for the previous year in October so that the year is closed with your latest information.

ILR Funding

The Funding Calculator and Funding Reconciliation Tools all have options to choose which Contract Year you are running them for.

Remember to Refinal period 12 in the Funding Calculator for the previous contract year each time you submit a new ILR data file for that year.

ILR Planned Learning/EEP Hours

When a learner has multiple episodes in an academic year, planned hours will be aggregated across all of them.

You should enter the hours for each episode for each year and PICS will aggregate them. It is important when creating a new episode for an existing learner that you use the Actions > Create Episode option from the Other Episodes tab in the Learner Summary. This ensures the episodes are linked - please Get in Touch for guidance on fixing any duplicate client records.

To enter planned hours for the new year, go to the Planned Learning Hours tab in the Learner ILR Summary. Select Edit to enter the planned hours and Save to confirm them.

ILR Exports and Funding Calculator

The video below from our training team covers how to manage ILR exports and funding calculations through the cross-year period.