PICS Integrated Help

As well as this help database, an integrated help service is available from within PICS, run by Intercom. To open the help service, select the icon that is available from the bottom-right corner of all pages.

You can collapse the help service at any time by selecting the down arrow icon. The following services are available in the Intercom window:

Live Help Chat

The Start a Conversation section allows you to start a live chat with a member of staff. The average response time will be displayed along with icons for some of the available staff members.

Selecting Send us a message will open a chat window where you can begin your conversation.

If you need to refer to a previous chat, selecting Messages will open your chat history.

Search for an Article

The Search for Help section allows you to search through the collection of Intercom help articles. As opposed to the pages in this help database, Intercom articles are generally shorter and more task-focused. Where relevant, links to the more in-depth pages in this help database will be included in the Intercom article.

Once you have entered your search, select the Search icon to look for matching articles.

Selecting a result will open the article in the Intercom window.

System Status Monitoring

The system status is displayed at the bottom of the Intercom window. This message also shows the date and time of the last update.