Completing an IQA Sample in PICSWeb Portfolio

This section is only available if you are licensed to use PICSWeb Portfolio and have the View and Edit IQA Interactions User Permissions set.

Once you have Created an IQA Sample and Added Evidence Items, your IQA officers can begin to check the items in the sample.

To do this, go to the Items tab in the Sample Summary. Any items that have already been checked will have the date of the check in the Checked column.

To check an item, select … > View Evidence by the item, which will take you to the Evidence Summary. Here you can view the necessary details, files, links and signatures attached to the evidence.

Once you have all the information you need, go to the bottom of the Evidence Details panel and find the IQA Details section.

Selecting Edit IQA will open a window where you can record the Completed date and enter any necessary Notes. Select Save to continue.

The IQA Completed date will now be shown. Similarly, the item will be shown as Checked in the Sample Summary.