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Table of Contents


  • Display Picture – Selecting this will open your file browser, where you can search for a new picture if necessary.

  • Full Name

  • Email Address – Selecting this will open a new email to the organisation in your web email server.

  • Phone Number

  • Website

  • Risk Band – This indicates the level of risk associated with the organisation, ranging from green (low-risk) to yellow (medium-risk) and red (high-risk). A grey dot means that no risk level has been set.

  • Tags – Any Tags that have been added to the organisation will be shown here. You can select the X within a tag to remove it, or select the + icon to add new tags.EDS Reference Number – If you have enabled the EDS Integration, and no EDS reference number has been added yet, a link will be available here to Download the Reference Number from the EDS.

  • Additional ID – This is used to link the organisation to a matching employer record in OneFile

  • Username – This is the employer username to log in to /wiki/spaces/POH/pages/114622564. If no login has been generated, a button will be available here to Generate an Employer Login.

Organisation Activities

Icons are available underneath the organisation name to create various activities involving the organisation. The following icons are available:


 – This will open the Log Call window

 – This will open the Create Task window.

Other Information

The remaining details for the organisation are found in the various tabs in the summary page. Information can be edited from within each of these tabs. The following tabs are available: