Gap Analysis in the PICSWeb Learner Portfolio

This section is only available if you have the eAssessor licence for PICSWeb Portfolio.

The Gap Analysis page in the Learner Portfolio is where you can view your Evidence requirements for the different Qualifications that make up the learner’s programme. Based on the Links from each file, this page shows which qualifications, units, outcomes and criteria have met their evidence requirements and which have not.

Only the latest versions of each evidence file will be considered when calculating the amount of links for each item.


The summary at the top of the page shows the following details:

  • No. Evidence Files – This is the total number of Evidence Files that have been uploaded against the learner.

  • Methods Used – This displays all the evidence methods set up in your basedata and how many Evidence Files have been uploaded for each method.


The section underneath lists all the Qualifications that make up the learner’s delivery. You can use the + and - icons to expand the list to show units, outcomes and criteria. For each item, the following details are shown:

  • Code and Title

  • Summary – Selecting the eye icon by an item will take you to the corresponding Qualification Summary (or unit, outcome or criteria summary).

  • Due/Done date

  • Score – This shows the amount of evidence files linked to the item compared to the Score, which specified how many evidence links are required before the item is considered Done.

Marking Criteria as Done

If a criteria has the required amount of evidence links to meet the Score, you can mark it as Done. Once all the criteria in an outcome are Done, the outcome will also be set as done. This process ripples up to the qualification level.

Selecting the Mark as Done button will open a window showing all the criteria where the Score has been met. If no criteria are available, you will be shown the error message below.

If any criteria are ready, you can specify the Done date in the window and use the tickboxes to choose which criteria to mark. Once you have finished, select Save to confirm your choices or Cancel to discard them. Any marked criteria will now display the Done date, highlighted in green, in the Gap Analysis list.