User Licensing in PICS

How you set up your user accounts and how costs are calculated for each user depend on whether you are using PICS with a SaaS or Non-SaaS licence. This page explains the differences between the two types of licence for your users.

User Costs for SaaS Licences

If you are on a SaaS licence, you will be paying a cost based on the number of Full and Light users with Live status in PICS. If you exceed the allocated amount of either type of user, you will be informed and prevented from doing so.

User Types for SaaS Licences

There are three types of user that you can create in PICS:

  • Full – These users have access to all the areas of PICS that their User Permissions and your licensing arrangements allow.

  • Light-Touch – These users have restricted access to PICS. This access will still depend on your SaaS tier, as explained below.

  • Non-SaaS – These users are not included in your costs. The only functions available to these users are certain WebForm functions.

You may also be licensed for a certain number of Form Capture Client users. This permission can be applied to any of the three user types, and will allow them to access certain functions related to WebForm use. SaaS Licensing for WebForms is explained further in Setting Up PICS Users for WebForms.

Light-Touch users can use PICS for the following:

The following functions are also available if you are on the Silver or higher SaaS tier.

The following functions are also available to light users if you are on the Gold with CRM or higher SaaS tier.

Changing SaaS User Types

The User Type for users can be adjusted when Editing the User.

User Costs for Non-SaaS Licences

If you are on a non-SaaS licence, you will be charged based on the average daily amount of active users in PICS or desktop. As such, there are no limits on the number of users that you can create.