Setting Up PICSWeb Users for WebForms

The instructions on this page are intended for those who have a SaaS Licence for PICSWeb.

Further information on SaaS user types is available in User Licensing in PICSWeb.

User Permissions for WebForms

Your SaaS licence will specify a certain number of Form Capture Users that you are permitted to have alongside your overall number of PICS Users. Whether a PICSWeb user is considered a form capture user depends on whether or not they have the Form Capture Client User User Permission set.

For SaaS licences, the Form Capture Client User permission is available to set for Full, Light and Non-SaaS users equally. Therefore a Non-SaaS user can access PICSWeb for the purpose of utilising WebForms without consuming a full or light touch user seat.

Each user account with the permission set will be considered as one form capture user out of the total number permitted by your licence.

Note that a separate permission is available to Send Applicants to Form Capture, meaning that a non-form capture user can Push an Applicant Out for further data collection or learner signup. However, when they do this they will need to specify an Owner whose linked account does have the Form Capture Client User permission, so that they can complete the form for the applicant.

WebForm-Only Users

As the Form Capture Client User permission is available for all user types, you can set up WebForm-Only Users that can access core WebForm functions but are not counted as a PICS User in your licence. To do this, first create a user with the User Type set to Non-SaaS User. This will exclude the user from most PICSWeb functions and they will not be counted against the number of users available in your licence.

Once the user has been created, edit their User Permissions to control their access. The following WebForm permissions will be available:

  • View Learner Summary

  • Send Learners to Form Capture

  • View Learner Change Requests

  • View Applicants

  • Send Applicants to Form Capture

  • View Organisations

  • View Change Requests for

  • Form Capture Client User – Even though the user does not count as a PICS User in your licence, if this is ticked they will count as a Form Capture User and be included in your licence limit accordingly.

When the WebForm user logs in, their PICSWeb side menu will be restricted according to the permissions above. They will be able to locate the relevant Learner, Applicant and Organisation records (but not edit data from these records), generate forms from these records, view the Form List and Fill and Sign Forms.