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If you have Database Administrator permissions, you can maintain the prior qualification list in the Prior Qualifications section of PICSWeb configuration.

You will be informed if any qualifications in the list have been downloaded from the LRS over a month ago. If this is the case, a link will be displayed for you to Update the Qualifications.


Filtering the Prior Qualification List


Adding a New Prior Qualification

Selecting (Actions > ) Add Prior Qualification in the prior qualifications tab will open a window where you can link a new qualification to the learner. The following details are available:


  • Details – Selecting ... > Details by a qualification in the list will open a window where you can view all details recorded for the qualification. The information shown here will depend on which fields have been completed in the edit window explained above.

  • Delete – Selecting ... > Delete by a record in the list will remove the qualification from the learner record. You will be prompted to confirm before the record is removed.