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  • Any Officers linked to the review who have a User Account linked.

  • The Learner linked to the review, if they have a Learner Account set up.

  • Any external Contacts linked to the review, if they have an Email Address recorded and a Relationship to the learner.

For each person in the list, you can specify whether a signature is Required or Not Required. Anyone set as Required will be sent an email with a link to Sign the Review. They will also be able to complete any Notes that have been Configured for Remote Filling as well as any Review User Defined Fields available to them.

The following options are also available:

  • Edit Relationships – This will open the learner’s Officer list in a new tab, allowing you to change the officers linked to the learner. When you return to the review completion process, you will be prompted to refresh the list to show any changes.

  • Add Signature – This will open a drop-down menu of additional officers and contacts to add as required signatures.

Bear in mind that once you have requested at least one signature the review will be locked and unavailable to edit.


This final step confirms that you have completed the review. Select Close to return to The following options are available: