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The learner record in PICSWeb tracks the learner journey through the different elements that make up their programme. The diagram below shows how these elements are combined in an example learner journey:

  • Learner Episode – This covers the entirety of the learner’s programme. If a learner begins a new episode, a new PICSWeb record will be created for them. Episode details are managed in the Episode Start and Episode End tabs in the ILR Summary.

  • Delivery Qualifications – These are used for internal tracking of the qualifications and units in the learner’s programme. They are not exported in the ILR form or used in funding calculations. Qualifications are managed in the Qualifications tab in the Delivery Plan, where you can access the full Qualification and Unit summaries. They can also be managed using a third-party ePortfolio.

  • ILR Learning Aims – These are used for the elements of a programme that need to be included in the ILR form and funding calculations. Learning Aims are managed in the Learning Aims tab in the ILR Summary.


  • The Programme Aim is used to cover the whole programme in the ILR and is made up of just an ILR Learning Aim.

  • Some Qualifications, such as the Main Aim and Functional Skills, require a corresponding ILR Learning Aim to track the ILR side of the qualification. Others, such as Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) and Health and Safety, do not need to be included in the ILR and therefore only require a Qualificationto be set up in PICSWeb.

  • If a learner goes on a Break in Learning, this will only affect the ILR Learning Aims that are ongoing during the break.

  • At the end of the learner’s programme, their End Point Assessment (EPA) must occur once all Delivery Qualifications and ILR Learning Aims have been ended. EPA is tracked as an assessment in the Delivery Plan alongside Delivery Qualifications. The Learner Episode, however, continues until the EPA is finished.