Messages (Implementation Portal)

Messages are separated into different tabs for each Project. Most of the time it will be unlikely that you have more than one project open. However, when you do, you can simply select the tab for the project that requires your attention.

To add a new message, select the Add Message button from the Action Bar located in the top-right corner.


This will open a popup window for you to enter your message and upload any files. Any files that you add to the message will begin automatically uploading, though you will need to ensure they have fully uploaded before you select Save. All files will be saved as long as they have uploaded, even if you cancel the message using the X icon in the top-right corner.

Messages can be given an expiry date, which will soft delete the message once the provided date has passed. All soft deleted message will be hard deleted after 5 days. Select Save to save and return to the Messages page.