Data Collection Forms (Implementation Portal)

These forms can vary depending on the requirements for the project. The initial page you will be taken to is a list of Active and Completed forms for any projects that are still open. The Active tab will be selected by default, but you can select the Completed tab to show information provided for any previously requested forms. To open a form, select … > Open Form by a form in the list.

Once you open the form, you will be presented with the Implementation Form Wizard, which contains two options:

  • Close – This will return you back to the list of forms.

  • Open – This will take you through the process of filling out any required Form Pages.

All pages in the form display the number of steps involved and the step that you are currently on. Previous Step and Next Step buttons are available to navigate between pages.

Some pages, such as Contract Details, which require you to add more than one item will have an additional button to Add the item (for example Add Contract in the screenshot below). Where this is the case, you will not be able to move forwards or backwards until you have added at least one item.


Once you have completed all steps involved you will be shown a completion page.

Only after you click the red close button will Pellcomp be notified that you have completed the Form Wizard.