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This guidance only applies to your ILR learners on FM36 Programmes.

If a learner's employer changes during their programme, you will need to change certain fields in their ILR Summary to ensure that this change is reported accurately to the ESFA.

Before you start, make sure that an Organisation Record has been created for the new employer.

To change an employer mid-programme:

  • Do not create a new Programme Aim for the learner.

  • You will need to record new Total Negotiated Prices for the remaining costs of the programme. After calculating the remaining costs, you will need to add these as TNP3 and TNP4 records for training and assessment respectively.

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  • You will need to add a new Employment Status record with the type Change to Employment Status. This new status should have the new Employer and, if necessary, Employment Status specified.

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  • If the new employer has a different Apprenticeship Contract Type (ACT), for example if you are moving the learner from a Levy to non-Levy employer, you will need to record a new ACT FAM code against the Programme Aim. The old ACT code will need the Applies To date set to the day before the change of employer. The new ACT code will need the Applies From date set to the day of the change of employer, so that there is no gap or overlap between the two codes.

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  • Any Incentive Payment records due to be payed to the old employer should be paid to the new employer. This change must be recorded in the Payment Records tab. Bear in mind that employer incentives are based on how long the learner has been in learning, not how long they have been with the employer. Even if a learner transfers on their 364th day, the next day of learning the new employer will get that 365 day employer incentive.