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If an applicant has made a successful application, you can push the record through to a Learner Record that will be used to manage the learner through their programme. For an applicant record to be able to be transferred, the Status will need to be set to to the Ready for PICSEnrolment as a Learner equivalent in your Applicant Workflow. Applicant statuses can be changed using the drop-down menu in the Applicant Summary page.Image Removed


Once the status has been set, the option to Create Learner from the applicant will be available in two locations:

  • Selecting ... > Create Learner by the applicant in the Applicant List. If necessary, a Status filter can be added to the list under the More menu to find applicants who are ready to be transferred.


  • Selecting Actions > Create Learner from the top-right of the page in the Applicant Summary. You may need to refresh the page after changing the status before this option becomes available.


Selecting Create Learner will open the New Learner window, with the relevant details copied over from the applicant record into the new learner fields. Any details here will still be available to edit if necessary. Using the New Learner window is explained in Creating a New Learner (Classic) in PICSWeb.

Once the new learner has been saved, the old applicant record will not be deleted, but the Status will automatically be changed to Transferred to PICS or the equivalent in your Applicant Workflow.