User Group Summary in PICS

Selecting the ... icon next to a User Group and selecting Summary will open the User Group Summary page. The page is made up of the two tabs explained below.

User Permissions

A list of all PICS user permissions with explanations can be found in User Permissions in PICS.

The User Permissions tab lists all permissions granted automatically to any user in the user group. A Find Permission search bar is available above the list.

Editing User Permissions

Selecting Edit in this tab will open a window where you can use the tickboxes to set or disable any permissions.  The tickbox next to Permission can be used to set or remove all permissions at once. Once you have made your changes, select Save to finish.

Users in Group

The Users in Group tab lists all users that have been added to the group. Selecting a user's name will take you to the corresponding User Summary. You cannot add users to the group from this page. You will instead have to go to their individual User Summary pages and enter the group into the User Group field.

File Types

If the user group is restricted to certain File Types, permitted types will be shown in the File Types tab. For each available type, the Code and Description will be shown.

If there are no restrictions, this list will display a message instead.


Editing File Type Restrictions

Selecting Edit in this tab will allow you to either grant access to all file types or specify which types you want to limit access to. Once you have made your choices, select Save to finish.