Viewing Cognassist Assessment Results for an Applicant in PICSWeb

This feature is only available to users who are licensed for Cognassist Integration. If you are already licensed, you will need to Contact Us to have the integration enabled in PICSWeb.

If you have Enabled the Cognassist Integration, you can view completed assessments in PICSWeb.

To do this for an applicant, go to the Applicant Details section in a Applicant Summary and scroll to the Cognassist field. select View Assessment Result from Cognassist, a new modal will display where the results of the assessment will be visible.

The assessment details modal will display various pieces of data relating to the completed assessment. These include the following:

Status - The status of the assessment.

Support Likelihood Rating - This will flag the number of domains that will require additional support.

Completed - The date the assessment was completed.

No Need Identified - This will identify the domains in which the applicant requires no additional support

Consider Needs Assessment - Domains identified where the applicant required additional support or further assessment.

Insufficient Data - Any Domain where Cognassist was unable to identify if additional support was required based on insufficient data being provided.