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This feature is only available to users licensed for either PICS Portfolio or Form Capture who have the Audit Reviews User Permission set.

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Reviews can be audited by an authorised user once an Actual Date has been recorded, which is used to indicate that the review has taken place.

Identifying Reviews for Audit

To see which reviews need auditing, select Learners > Additional Sections > Reviews from the side menu to open the Review List.

In here, you can add a filter for Audit Status and choose Ready For Audit from the drop-down menu. After searching, the list will show all learner reviews which you are permitted to view and that need auditing.

Selecting … > Summary by one of these reviews will take you to the Learner Review Summary, where you can audit the review.


Auditing Reviews

To audit a review, go to the relevant Review Summary and find the Audited section in the review details. The field here will indicate whether the review has already been audited or not.


Approving Reviews

If you are happy with the review, select Approve. You will be prompted to confirm your choice.


After approving, a date will be recorded against the Audited field in the Review Summary. The date and auditing user will also be added to the review in any review lists.


Requesting Changes for Reviews

If the review does not meet audit standards, select Request Changes. In the window that opens, you can enter the necessary Feedback and select Request Changes to send the feedback as a Message to the reviewer.