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This feature is only available to users licensed for Smart Assessor Integration.

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Before you can upload learners to Smart Assessor, you will need to follow the instructions to Enable the Smart Assessor Integration in PICSWeb.

Learners can be uploaded to the Smart Assessor ePortfolio from their learner record in PICSWeb. Qualification and progression data from Smart Assessor will then be used to update the corresponding data fields in the PICSWeb record.


After checking the details, select Create in Smart Assessor. A record will be created for the learner, enrolled onto all of their PICSWeb qualifications that are available in Smart Assessor.

If the Send Learner Welcome Email setting is switched on in Smart Assessor Integration Settings, the learner will be sent an email with a welcome message and a link to log in to their new Smart Assessor account.

A full list of all data that is sent to Smart Assessor when a learner is enrolled, including qualification, organisation and officer fields, is available in the Data Exchange page.

Manually Editing the Learner Smart Assessor ID


The full data exchange that takes place here is explained in the Smart Assessor Synchronisation section of the Smart Assessor Data Exchange page.

Once a learner in enrolled with Smart Assessor, an option to manually Refresh with Smart Assessor will be available above the Smart Assessor ID in the Delivery Plan. Selecting this will synchronise the data between the two systems for the learner.