Financial Details in the PICSWeb Applicant Summary

The Financial Details tab in the Applicant Summary displays financial details for the applicant and their potential programme. Only details that have been added to the applicant when editing this tab will appear. If no value has been added for a field, it will not be shown in this section.

Editing Financial Details

Selecting Edit will open a window where you can add or edit financial details and schedule payments. Once you have finished, select Save to apply the changes and return to the summary page, or Cancel to exit without saving.

Find Field search bar is available at the top-right to search for a field. As you enter text, the list of fields will update automatically. The following fields are available:

  • Funding and Monitoring (FAM) Annual Contract Type (ACT) – Here you can specify which ACT code will be associated with the applicant on their programme:

    • Apprenticeship Contract with Levy Employer (ACT1L) – The learner is on the Apprenticeship Service and Levy-Funded.

    • Apprenticeship Contract with Non-Levy Employer (ACT1N) – The learner is on the Apprenticeship Service but is Co-Invested.

    • Apprenticeship Contract with ESFA (ACT2) – The learner is not on the Apprenticeship Service and is Co-Invested.

  • VAT Status

  • Apprenticeship Service (AS) Status

  • AS Cohort

  • AS Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

  • AS Duration Reduced By

  • AS Price Reduced By

  • Total Negotiated Prices – Here you can enter the Total Negotiated Prices (TNPs) for the applicant's Training and Assessment.

  • Employer Prices – Here you can schedule how the Training, Assessment and Additional TNPs will be paid. For each type of price, you can specify the following:

    • Total amount

    • Lump Sum

    • At – Here you can specify when the lump sum will be paid in relation to the applicant's Start or Expected End date.

    • Remaining Every – Here you can specify the length of time between payments.

    • Max Payments – Here you can enter the maximum amount of payments.