Email DropBox in PICSWeb

Rather than manually logging each email that you send and receive in the Communications List, you can set up PICSWeb Dropbox to automatically save emails as Communication Records with the email content included.

Only emails to and from the email address you use to login to PICSWeb can be added to the dropbox.

If any email addresses in the recipient list match those held against records in PICSWeb, the communication will also be linked to these records. This applies to the following record types:

  • Officers

  • Learners

  • Applicants

  • Organisations

Setting Up the DropBox

You will need to know your DropBox Email Address before you can start adding emails to the dropbox.

To view your dropbox email address, go to the Communications List and select Actions > DropBox Info from the top-right corner of the page. This will open the window below, which displays the address and explains how to use it. Buttons are available to Copy the address to your clipboard or download a Contact Card file with the address on it. We recommend that you save this address as an email contact so that you can easily BCC or forward emails to this address from your email client.

Sending an Email to the DropBox

There are two ways to make sure that an email is added to the dropbox:

  • To add outgoing emails to the dropbox, add the DropBox Email Address to the BCC field in the email before sending.

  • To add incoming emails to the dropbox, you will need to use the Forward as Attachment option in your email client to forward the incoming email to the DropBox Email Address.