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Saving Files Produced in PICS

Whenever a file is opened from within PICS on hosting, such as an Excel report, mail merge or ILR export, a link to download the file will be added to the list of files available in the hosting portal for that user. You will need to go to the Files tab from the main page to access this list.

Uploading Files to Import into PICS

When a file, such as an evidence file, learner import, backup to restore, certificate or SQL script, needs to be imported into PICS, it should first be uploaded to the File Drop section of the hosting portal. Once it is uploaded there it will be available in PICS.

In the Files page:

  1. Either click Select Files, browse to select your file and click Open.
  2. Or drag and drop the file to the Files page

The file will then be shown in the list.

When using PICS on hosting, any button or link that would normally open a file browser window will instead open the Select File window as shown below. This window only shows the files in the File Drop folder for the current user, with no files in subfolders shown.

If you open the window but your file is unavailable, you can upload the file to the File Drop in another window then select Refresh in the Select File window to update the list.

Opening Web Links and URLs from PICS

When a web link is opened from PICS on hosting, a file is created that contains this URL. When the list of files to download is refreshed in the hosting platform, the file will be recognised as a web link and the URL will be opened automatically in a new tab or window. The file will then be deleted, meaning that it will not be shown in the Select File window. 

If the link does not open, it will probably be because your browser is blocking popups from the hosting portal site. The images below show where you can change this restriction for different browsers.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge