Quick Start PICSWeb Employability

Logging in for the first time.

Once an account has been created, upon logging in for the first time; users will be asked to set up Two-Factor Authenication. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an identity and access management security method that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data.

In order to proceed with Two-Factor Authentication. An authenticator app must be linked with you PICSWeb Account. We recommend either Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. Both are available on Microsoft, Android or IOS mobile platforms.

Following an Authenticator app being installed on your mobile device, please open this and set up a new account, When prompted you can either scan the QR code displayed when logging in for the first time, or alternatively enter the supplied keys presented. Spaces and casing are not important.

Once linked to the authenticate app, PICSWeb will display a list of recovery codes. It’s important to save a copy of these codes as they are used when the authenticator app is reinstalled on the same device or when it’s needed to be installed on a new device.


With the authenticator app set up, each log in request you’ll be prompted to open the authenticator app and select the account you’re attempting to log in with and then approve the log in request. It’s also not uncommon to be asked to enter a code that the authenticator app has supplied or approve this by entering biometric data (if your device supports this).


Setting up DB Admin Permissions upon first login.

When logging into PICSWeb for the first time you’ll be presented with the following message:

Clicking the Go to your account page now button will allow you to assign all relevant permissions to your account which will allow you to access the required areas and features of PICSWeb.

Setting up the Participant page.

You can access the participants page by accessing Participants via the navigation menu located to the left. This will expand to show various sub menu items. Clicking Participants in the sub menu will open the participants page where all participants will display.


An important view you may want to apply to this page is to view all participants. To do this, via the status filter option located at the top of the page, set this to all and click the search.

You can save this search by click the save icon located at the top of the page. You’ll be asked to provide a name for this saved search. Once a name have been given, click the OK button and the saved search will be successfully saved.


Furthermore you can enable this saved search to be your default view when viewing the participants page. You can do this by clicking the star icon located at the top of the page.


Accessing Participants Files

Accessing files that are linked to a participant can be done from their summary page. From the navigation menu embedded within the Participants summary page click the Files button. This will display any files that have been uploaded to this participant.

By default this will only display files that have been uploaded to the Applicant or against This Episode however, you can expact this to include files that have been uploaded to different parts of PICSWeb. Once you have selected the additional areas to include in the files filter, ensure you click the search button to update the filter results.


With the relevant filters applied, the files upload to their respective areas will be visible where you are then able to Download or View the files by clicking their relative icons.