Creating an AAF Dashboard in PICS

Apprenticeship Accountability Framework threshold changes will be live following our R10 Release (24th May 2024)

Please be aware that access to PICS Apprenticeship Accountability Framework is limited to Platinum users only. Please contact a member of the PICS Sales team to explore this feature further.

Selecting Actions in the Dashboard List will display the option to Create Apprenticeship Accountability Framework Dashboard.


Selecting this will open a modal where you can give the dashboard a name and link this dashboard to a scheduled Apprenticeship Accountability Framework Report and a scheduled Achievement Rates Report.

If no reports are present to be selected, please ensure that the reports have been set with an output type Interactive for Dashboard.


For the AAF Dashboard to be utilised, please ensure that you have at least one scheduled QAR report & Apprenticeship Accountability Framework report set up. As previously mentioned please ensure these are set as Interactive for Dashboard.

Once you have entered the title and associated reports have been selected, select Save to create the new dashboard. You will then be taken to View the Dashboard, where selected widgets relevant to the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework are set up for you along with preset thresholds.

Count / Percentage Widget

A new chart type has been added to dashboard widgets to show a count or percentage. These can be linked to a single boolean (True / False) field and simply displays the number of records which are true, or the percentage of the total number which are true.

When selecting a target column, all indicators present in the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework Report will come through. Selecting the relevant Target column will populate the widget with the chosen column data. Learners past aim planned end date has been selected in this example below.


The widget displays the widget title, the requested number/percentage in the centre, the current threshold (see below) and the numbers which comprise the total. Clicking on either number will show the list of aims for that number. In conjunction with thresholds, these widgets can be used to display the AAF indicators on an “at a glance” dashboard when used alongside AAF and QAR reports.


Adjusting Widget Threshold

As the AAF specification defines thresholds for each indicator, we have added the ability to define thresholds for a count widget. Any number of thresholds can be added.

Each threshold is assigned a name, a value and a colour. When showing the count or percentage in the widget, we find the threshold with the highest value where it falls below the widget value. For instance, if the value displayed was 55%, the widget text would be in yellow and “Needs Improvement” will be shown.

We can adjust these thresholds by replacing the figure present. Furthermore, we can include additional thresholds in the widget, this can be done by clicking the plus icon (shown above). This will create a new threshold row where we can then give the threshold a label, a value and a colour to display in the widget when the count meets the thresholds criteria.

Each threshold can also be deleted by clicking the red trash icon. (Shown Above).