ILR Capture for Skills Bootcamps in PICSWeb

This page explains some of the data fields you will need to use in the Learner ILR Summary to ensure correct recording of Skills Bootcamps.

We recommend that you refer to this Provider Support Manual  section and ESFA Bootcamp Guidance for more information.

Employment Status

You will need to set certain fields in the learner’s Employment Status to record a Skills Bootcamp. If a bootcamp is Co-Funded (where the Full Funding Indicator is set to 2), Small/medium employers (with under 250 employees) will contribute 10% in a co-funding arrangement, whereas large employers will contribute 30%.

If you are working with a small/medium employer, you must choose 02: Small or Medium Employer in the OET (Other Employment Type) field in the Edit Employment Status window. If the employer is large, leave this field blank.

The SEM (Small Employer) field does not affect funding for Skills Bootcamps and should not be used.

Learning Aims

Any learner on a Skills Bootcamp will need the following types of ILR Learning Aim added to their record:

Programme Aim

A programme aim will need to be added to represent the entire programme. You need to record the following details for the aim:

  • Aim Type 1 in the ILR Data tab

  • Dates covering the full duration of the programme in the Start and End tab

  • The programme aim must be recorded as continuing (Completion Status = 1) in the Start and End tab until all learning aims have been completed, or the learner withdraws from the programme, or takes a break in learning. 

  • The achievement date is the trigger date for the outcome milestone payment and must be returned when the Outcome = 1 (Achieved) in the Start and End tab. This applies when the learner has: 

    • Met the requirements of the SB

    • Completed the learning

    • One of the 3 event aims (listed below) has been recorded.

    • Reached a positive outcome, such as a new job

Component Aim (Learning)

A component aim will need to be added to represent the learning taking place. You need to record the following details for the aim:

  • References Z0059750-61 

  • Aim Type 3 in the ILR Data tab

  • The same Learning Start Date in the Start and End tab as the Programme Aim. 

  • When all learning activities have taken place, complete the Learning Actual End Date in the Start and End tab. 

  • If the event aim (below) is still to be recorded at the end of learning, enter the Outcome as 8 ‘Learning activities are complete but the outcome is not yet known’ in the Start and End tab. 

Component Aim (Event)

A component aim will need to be added to represent the outcome of the bootcamp. Use one of the following aim references if the event occurs and is related to the learning from the bootcamp: 

  • Z0059747 Offer of an interview for a role which matches skills acquired during a bootcamp

  • Z0059748Offer of a new role or added responsibilities, which match skills acquired during the bootcamp, with existing employer

  • Z0059749Receipt of plan from learner of how the bootcamp learning will be applied to acquire new self-employment opportunities/contracts

You need to record the following details for the aim:

  • Record the same date in the Learning Start Date, Learning Planned End Date and Learning Actual End Date fields in the Start and End tab when recording the event aim. For example, if the event is the offer of an interview, the date to be recorded is the date when the formal offer of an interview was made, not the date of the interview itself.

  • These aims should only be recorded as Completed (Completion Status = 2) and Achieved (Outcome = 1) in the Start and End tab, and with all three date fields completed.

  • These 3 aims should never be recorded as continuing.

Once an interview offer has been made within the criteria specified in the funding and performance management rules, the Z0059747 aim should be recorded whether or not the actual interview takes place.

Details for All Aims

All learning aims will need the following details recorded:

  • Funding Model 37 in the ILR Data tab

  • SOF (Source of Funding) 105

  • Programme Type 32 in the ILR Data tab

  • Full Funding Indicator – The Full or Co-funding indicator (FFI) is used to indicate whether the employer is contributing towards funding of a bootcamp. 

  • Level 3 (Except for Construction or Green Level 2 bootcamps) 

  • Contract Reference Number in the ILR Data tab

    • This number can be found in the provider's Appendix 1 (Summary of Funding).  

    • The format is: SB-[contract reference]-[deliverable code] or SBA-[contract reference]-[deliverable code]. The prefix SBA is used for Pathway to Accelerated Apprenticeships.