Configuring Skills Bootcamps in PICSWeb

If your organisation offers Skills Bootcamps, you will need to set these up in PICSWeb configuration before you can link them to your new learners.

We also recommend that you refer to the Provider Support Manual guidance on recording Skills Bootcamps in the ILR.

Funding Organisation Configuration

You will first need to add the Skills Bootcamp as a Programme in Funding Organisation Configuration. To do this, select Delivery > Funding Organisations from the side menu to open the Funding Organisation List.

Select … > Summary by SFZZ: Skills Funding Agency to open the Funding Organisation Summary for SFZZ.

If XOX: Other SFA/EFA Programmes does not appear in the Programmes tab, select Add New Programme.

In this window, choose Other ESFA Programmes and Skills Bootcamps from the drop-down menu and select Save.

You will now be able to choose Skills Bootcamp from the Programme Type drop-down menu, when either creating a Qualification Plan or Creating a New Learner.

Learners on Skills Bootcamps will be recorded with Funding Model 37 (Skills Bootcamps) and ILR Programme Type 32 (Skills Bootcamps).

Contract Configuration

After setting up the funding organisation, you will need to create new PICSWeb Contracts for each Bootcamp that you are delivering, i.e. one for each separate Contract Reference issued by ESFA. These will need the relevant UKPRN, Contract Reference Number and other details recorded. They will be applied automatically to each Bootcamp learner.

The Contract Reference can be found in your Appendix 1 (Summary of Funding). It will be in the format:
'SB-contract reference-deliverable code' or
'SBA-contract reference-deliverable code' (SBA is used for Pathway to Accelerated Apprenticeships)
For example SB-1000-123. Note that the hyphens are important!

Setting up a new contract is explained in Creating a New Contract.

You can then add Contract Items for each of the funding rates that you have been given. Make sure to set the Contract Type to Skills Bootcamp when adding items.


Qualification Configuration

A full list of the different aim codes for Skills Bootcamps is available in Skills Bootcamp Aim Codes.

You will need to make sure that you have added Qualifications in PICSWeb basedata for the different elements of the Skills Bootcamp. Qualifications will need to be created for the Learning Aim (between Z0059750-61) for each bootcamp you will be delivering.

Event Aims will also need to be recorded against the learner related to the outcome of their programme. The following event aims are available to add to basedata:

  • Z0059747Offer of an interview for a role which matches skills acquired during a bootcamp 

  • Z0059748Offer of a new role or added responsibilities, which match skills acquired during the bootcamp, with existing employer 

  • Z0059749Receipt of plan from learner of how the bootcamp learning will be applied to acquire new self-employment opportunities/contracts

Qualification Plan Configuration

Finally, you may want to create a Qualification Plan with the Programme Type set to Skills Bootcamp. If the same BootCamp delivery requires both full and co-funding, then you may want to have separate Plans for each, to ensure the correct data defaults are applied, such as the Full Funding Indicator. You can also clone a Plan and adjust it rather than having to create it twice.

You may also want to add an In Year age check to make sure that the learner is at least 19.

Once you have created the plan, you will need to add Elements for the Learning Aim (as a Main Aim) and the necessary Event Aims (normally as Optional Aims, so they can be added as necessary during the programme). For each element complete the Start Offset, Duration, Report to Funding Organisation (Include in Export), Source of Funding (105) and Full Funding Indicator fields as required.

You may also want to complete the following ILR Defaults for learners on the plan:

  • Learning Planned Hours – Only set this field if the planned hours are consistent for your learners.

  • Programme Aim Full Funding Indicator – This must be set as required and match all the aims in the plan.