Uploads (Implementation Portal)

Like messages, uploads are also separated by Projects. Most of the time it will be unlikely that you have more than one project open. However, when you do, you can simply select the tab for the project that requires your attention.

To upload new files, first select the project, then simply drag your file(s) onto the 'Drop file here or click to browse' panel, or alternatively click to browse and select your file(s).

Once the files have been uploaded, the progress bar(s) will disappear and an option to remove the file will be displayed under each file. All files will have a remove option once they have been uploaded.

To remove a file, simply click Remove File.

Once all files have been uploaded, you can close the pop up by clicking on the X icon in the top-right corner of the Add Files window.

Your download will be added to the project that you selected and will be visible in the file uploads list.

You can download files individually by selecting … > Download by a file in the list.

You can also download multiple files by selecting the files you would like to download, then selecting Actions > Download All Selected. Your files will then be downloaded automatically.

If you need to download all files for a project, select Actions > Download All Files for (Project). Your files will then be downloaded automatically.


Files are automatically deleted 12 months after the project has been completed/closed.

If any files are required to be deleted before this time, please request this by emailing implementation@pellcomp.co.uk or conversion@pellcomp.co.uk with the project(s) and filename(s).