Sending Surveys in PICSWeb

Once you have built your surveys, you can start to send them out to recipients and gather responses.

Sending Surveys to Named Recipients

Surveys can be sent out in two ways. For either method, all records must have an Email Address recorded before they can receive a survey.

  1. Surveys can be sent manually to specific Learner, Applicant or Contact records, as explained on this page. These records must also have a PICSWeb user account, as explained in the links below.

  2. Surveys can be sent automatically to multiple records that meet the criteria you define, as explained in Automations in the Survey Summary. For records with an email address but not a PICSWeb user account:

    • Learner or Applicant records - the automation process will create an account automatically when the automation is run.

    • Contact records - the automation process will not create user accounts. Accounts must be added as explained in the link below.

You do not need to pass user account login details to the learner/applicant/contact for them to be able to complete surveys as the survey request link sent from PICSWeb will grant them access.

If you are licensed for PICSWeb Portfolio, the same account will be used for Learner Logins and Contact Logins. You will need to confirm access for those areas separately.

Setting up user accounts manually for different records is explained in the following pages:

To send a survey out to a specific record, first make sure that the survey status is set to Live and the Survey For field includes the necessary record type. Both of these fields can be amended when Editing the Survey.

Once the survey is ready to send out, find the relevant record Summary and go to the Survey Responses tab.

Selecting Add/Send Survey will open a window where you can choose the Survey to send and enter a Message (if you can’t see the Send Survey button, then the record does not have a linked user account).

Once you have entered your message, the following send options are available:

  • Add Survey and Send Email – This will send an email to the record with a link for them to fill in the survey themselves.

  • Just Add Survey - Don’t Send Email – This will not sending an email. You will instead need to Complete the Survey on the record’s behalf through PICSWeb.


In the email, the recipient will need to select Complete Survey to open PICSWeb. They will be able to fill out the questions and Submit from there.

Once they have submitted, their responses will be displayed in the same Survey Responses tab. They will also be added to the Recipients and Responses tab in the relevant Survey Summary.

Sending Surveys to Anonymous Recipients

If you have built the survey to support Anonymous recipients, a button to Get Anonymous Survey Link will be shown in the Survey Summary. Selecting this will generate a link hosting the survey for you to share to gather anonymous responses.


Sending Survey Reminder Emails

If necessary, you can send a reminder email to a recipient who has yet to complete their survey. To do this, go to their Survey Responses tab and select … > Send Reminder by a survey in the list.

In the Send Survey Reminder window, enter your reminder message and select Send to send an email with the message and a new link to complete the survey.