Resolving ILR Rule Violations

Please bear in mind that at Pellcomp we are not responsible for your data or its validity – we can explain how to use PICS to identify and solve problems but many of the errors themselves will be either out of our control or responsibility.

To locate errors from the Rule Violations Spreadsheet produced by PICS:

1. Open the spreadsheet and locate the Error Codes column.

2. Note down or copy the relevant error code.

3. Download the ILR Validation Rules spreadsheet from the ESFA website.

4. In the spreadsheet, press Ctrl + F to open the Find window.

5. Select Options > > and select Workbook from the Within drop-down menu.

6. Enter the error code into the Find What field and select Find Next. You will then be taken to the row for the error, which will explain the validation rules for the relevant field.

7. You can then go to the learner episode as indicated by the rule violations spreadsheet and make the necessary change.

We recommend correcting errors before warnings as they have they will make the submission invalid. Once you have made your corrections, you can Export Another Submission File and Final or Refinal the Current Period.