Database Administrator Functions in PICS

Users with the Database Administrator User Permission set can access the following configuration areas:

As well as these, the table below lists the other functions available to database administrators, along with any additional permissions required.

Area - Function

Additional Permission Required

Area - Function

Additional Permission Required

Applicants - Bulk Delete, Permanent Delete

Applicant Delete

Applicants - Bulk Reinstate

Applicant Create

Applicants - Log view

Applicant View

Learners - Settings

Learner View

Learners - Portfolio Settings

Learner Portfolio View

Learners - Edit OneFile ID


Learners - Bulk Delete, Permanent Delete, Archive

Learner Delete

Learners - Bulk Reinstate

Learner Create

Learners - Log view

Learner View

Officers - Bulk Delete, Permanent Delete

Officer Delete

Officers - Bulk Reinstate

Officer Create

Officers - Log view

Officer View

Officers - Merge

Officer Edit
Officer Delete

Organisations - Bulk Delete, Permanent Delete

Organisation Delete

Organisations - Bulk Reinstate

Organisation Create

Organisations - Log view

Organisation View

Organisations - Merge

Organisation Edit
Organisation Delete

Forms - Bulk Delete, Permanent Delete

Form Capture Manager

Imports - Permanent Delete

Imports Delete

Course Attendance - Edit Time Locked Sessions

Edit Course Attendance

Reports - Run the User Report


Saved Reports - Access other Users’ Reports