Change Request Types in PICSWeb Configuration

The free Lists and Types Course in our PICS Course Directory features a video guiding you through change request type configuration.

The Type field in a Learner Change Request can be configured to use custom values. The Change Request Types page in Lists and Types Configuration is where you can set up and maintain these values.

For each type, the following details are shown:

  • Code

  • Description

  • Requires Authorisation – If this is ticked, a change request made with this type will need to be Authorised by a user with the Permission to Authorise Change Requests set before it can be actioned.

  • Status – This indicates whether the type is Live or Dormant.

Filtering the List

The option to search by Code and Description and filter by Status and Number of Records shown are available by default above the list. Once you have entered the necessary details, press Enter or select the Search icon to run the search and apply your filters.

Exporting the List

Selecting More shows an option to Export to Excel. Selecting this will generate an Excel Spreadsheet containing the details currently displayed in the list.

Creating a New Change Request Type

Selecting Create will open a window where you can enter the Code and Description for the new type, as well as specifying whether it Requires Authorisation.

Once you have finished, select Save to add the new type or Cancel to discard it. 

Change Request Type Actions

The following actions are also available from the tab:

  • Edit – Selecting ... > Edit by a type in the list will open a window where you can edit the Description, Status and whether the type Requires Authorisation. Once you have made any changes, select Save to confirm them.

  • Delete – Selecting ... > Delete by a type in the list will delete it. This should only be done for types entered in error. For a type that has been used, you should instead set the status to Dormant. You will be asked to confirm before you delete the record.