Editing Units in PICSWeb Configuration

Selecting ... > Edit by a unit in the Unit List, or selecting Edit in a Unit Summary, will open a window where you can edit the following details. Once you have made your changes, select Save to keep them or Cancel to discard them. 

  • Title
  • Awarding Body Reference
  • Standard Number of Elements – This number is intended for reference only. You will be able to add more Outcomes than the number specified here if necessary.
  • Unit Type
  • Weight – This is the percentage of the qualification progress that is derived from the unit. This must be entered as a value between 0 and 100.
  • Required Evidence Score – This is the total score from evidence files that is needed before the unit can be marked as Achieved.
  • Guided Learning Hours (GLH)
  • Credit Value
  • Unit Level
  • Status – This controls whether the unit is Live or Dormant.