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Table of Contents


  • Title

  • Date

  • Type

  • File Type – This is a custom value used to categorise files uploaded to PICSWeb records. Types are maintained in the File Types section of List and Type Configuration.

  • Expires

  • Officer – Selecting this will open the corresponding Officer Summary.



If you are a WebForms user, you can upload a new file against the learner using the Learner File WebForm. If you have available learner file WebForms, the Upoad Upload File button will be replaced by an Actions button, which will display two options:

  • Upload File

  • Create File WebForm


Selecting ... > Edit by a files in the list will open a window where you can edit the following details:

  • Title

  • File Type

  • Date – Selecting this field will open a calendar date selector.

  • Type

  • Expires – Selecting this field will open a calendar date selector.

  • Officer – Here you can search the drop-down menu to specify the Officer responsible for the file.

  • Visible to Learner – If this is set to Yes, a learner will be able to view and download the file from their PICSWeb login.

  • Description


Once you have finished, select Save to confirm your changes.


  • Details – Selecting ... > Details by a file in the list will open a window where you can view all details recorded for the file. The information shown here will depend on which fields have been completed in the edit window explained above. Links are available in this window to Edit or Download the file.

  • Download – Selecting ... > Download by a file in the list will download a copy of the attached file.

  • Delete – Selecting ... > Delete by a file in the list will delete the file from PICSWeb. You will be prompted to confirm before the file is deleted.